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Junior and Angel were featured in their local newspaper on May 11, 2018. To see the article, click HERE

About Junior

Junior is a ten-year-old boy who since the age of six, has been struggling with his speech by stuttering. The thing about Junior is that even though he stutters, it has never stopped him from speaking when he wants to and he has never felt sorry for himself even when some kids have said mean things to him. In fact, most of his classmate in school love him for his personality and other kids like being friends with him.

The occasional times Junior had to address his stuttering he handled it very well on his own by letting whomever was trying to make him ‘feel different’ know that he wasn’t different and promptly educated them on what stuttering was. Junior’s self-confidence shines so brightly, no one seems to care about how he speaks.

In the end, he wants you to know that stuttering doesn’t define him, he’s not just a kid who stutters, he’s a regular kid who has just as many things to say as everyone else.

Junior would like to be help kids and parents who have questions about stuttering ask him whatever they want about it.


About Angel

Angel is Junior’s little sister. She is a happy, cheerful, and full of energy nine-year-old girl who has lived most of her life as a ‘girl’s-girl’. She loves painting her nails, wearing pink, and one of her biggest joys is creating her own fashion styles, from hair to clothes.

At a young age, Angel took great pride in picking all her hairstyles. She loved trying different braids, brightly colored extensions, blow dried out and so many other hair styles.

A few days after a very bad visit to a hair salon, Angel began losing her hair and she was very sad about it. She had a difficult time going from having long hair to having to cut her hair very-very short.

Angel feared being made fun of by her friends and classmates having short hair and started wearing hats to school because she lost her confidence.

Angel soon found out after she unknowingly went to school one day without her hat that none of her friends or other kids at school made fun of her. In fact, they asked questions like “what happened to your hair?” and after Angel told them what happened, they didn’t focus anymore on her hair. They went on playing like they usually do.

Angel would like to help other girls who had to cut their hair, or have lost their hair for different reasons know that they will be okay. Kids and parents who have questions about losing something   special can ask her.